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Great, great job old friend!
I loved the saturated light effects and the dreamy feeling of it all.
Thank you for this pleasent entry.

Think again. Do something else.

I'm going to be hard on you. And I hope you'll respond. I really do.

This was weak. You've done much better. I didn't even think the frame to frame animation was good looking. You have to break new grounds now, my friend. You've already done the stick slayer thing and the last movie you did there was pretty cool. This just seems like more of that but less.

You have your own style and I think that's great. But you need to evolve more. You've already done the tweening hills with slick figures. The fighting black shadows don't impress anyone.

I really don't like movies that have no point what so ever. The only thing that happens here is some bombs and sword swinging. That's not a plot, and it sure as hell is not interesting to see.

I saw "Butts from Space" and that was GREAT! I really liked that one.

I read some of the other reviews before I saw this movie. They said it was too short. And I was annoyed by that because I know how much time it takes to make a decent animation. I'M THE CREATOR OF "DETECTIVE FROFROG", DAMN IT! But when I had seen your movie I cound't more than agree. It ended way too quickly and left me completely unsatisfied.

So summing up:

You've done already better. Tome to make even better things!

(and the title zoom was just horrible)

Do you do anything else?

I like the fact that you make your own music (so do I in Ytown Public). I liked the sound, part from the little kids voice in the beginning. The lines were a bit strange. The man thinks like he's in some sort of a video game, trying to beat the boss. "He has to have a weak point", people don't go around thinking that. I saw this movie three times in a row the day you submitted it. It is the first time I have seen a moive that many times (the same day). The story didn't really evolve at all, that's ok for this time - Just don't make the next episode another full fight episode. And now the grafics, they are very good and at some high points even marvelous. I'm going to start wwith some things that I didn't like. I don't like it when you use stills (of full characters) and motion tween them. My advice is to cut the full characters into different layers so you can slightly (I said SLIGHTLY) rotate or bend the arms and legs and head. If this is done well, you will get the impression of a fully animated animation. I use this techique in Ytown Public. I have many sets of arms and hand for every charater so they don't just rotate them like windmills. You know what I mean? I like the manga effects, the dust when the characters jump and slide and punch. Homour? Well, ok, I guess it is kinda funny when you watch it a couple of times. The first time I was just confused, thinking, what the hell is he doing and what's with the sound?! Bang, bang, bang! Work harder on the mouths - You're lazy if you only use one sort of mouth shape/movement. Did I say this was EXCELLENT?!

arrogancy responds:

I just looked at Y Town. It's weird, but I like the style of it.

I thought about motion tweening the body parts, but it looks really dumb with the way the characters are designed - especially in the next episode. Thus, it's frame by frame for me for this series.

The story evolves a lot in the next episode. And yes, I am quite lazy.


Wanna know what happens next?! Check out Ytown Public 4. Haha! It's the exact same plot. Oh well, enough of that.

The grafics were very good indeed. But why didn't you use outlines on the space ship? Strange. I personally thought that there were too much schooting and little real plot. Then again it's a series. Try to make the jokes a bit better. Hmm... maybe those funny lines weren't ment to be jokes at all. Never mind. Really good movie! Looks like a dream. I like the merge of 3D and 2D very much. Keep it up now! And the sound was perfect. When I come to think of it my only complaint is that it was a bit too short. I want more. (I'm a greedy bastard)

Wow, I smiled!

To me, grafics are very important and I really like the fact that you don't use stick figures. The grafics can be improved a zillion, but still as simple as they were served their purouse. The sound, or the lines really were really good. "Oh, another woman." - "SPLATT!" Haha! Funny. Yupp, you said wanted to know what could improve. So I'll give you some hot tips, cuse I like you kid!

On the characters use shades:

Draw the charater with thick outlines using the BRUSH. Then color it fields. AND HERE COMES THE TRICK! Then start drawing with the PEN. Draw so you close small fields in the and then fill them with slighter darker colors. Finally you remove the PEN-strokes by clicking on them and deliting. TADA! A nice shaded charater. Try it. It will make it look so much better!

S-ick figures...

I'm really impressed by this, considering it is animated with sticks. Very good work! You know, if you ever decided to make "real" cartoons with real "characters" it would probaly be great. And if you started adding some storyline, well then it might get very interesting. "Slick" my ass! Stick is sick!. There is too much sticks around! Why don't you improve your medium. I believe in you! You can do it! Please! Watching this is like watching a recorded "Street Fighter-fight", without the grafics. Get it? I'm not saying you're bad, I just think it's about time you move on! Honestly, don't you think it's sick that you have two s-ick movies in the top? Common, this is NOT better than either Dynamite or MX or CU or...

Entertaining, very entertaining...

I sat and watched this movie and felt really pleased. The animation, although in crappy black and white, was neat and gave this piece a personal look. The sound in the end was kind of too much though. To many sounds at once. I had to cover my ears. The plot was very suprising and good. At one point I though he would just crack open. Oh no, I was far more sofisticated than that. VERY GOOD! Keep doing things like this. It'll be fun to see more of it? Like that cat with the boots and... well all other stupid child songs!

I have been waiting so long...

... and it was all worth it! Man, this is so wonderful. I have seen all the other episodes and I compleatly understand the story. There was action all the time. You drawing style is the coolest I have ever seen. You mix the "Flash grafics" with the "Jpgs" in an excellent way. I watched it in lo and it still stunned me! You had several really cool zooms. (I gotta start making simular ones hehe :)

I loved this movie.

IT IS TOP 50-MATERIAL! Don't listen to that other guy, he's just... stupid or jealous.

I don't know what to say...

Every now and then you find something wonderful on the Portal. This is wonderful. You can't tell it's Flash. I personally have always thought that using JPG's in a flash movie is like cheating. After seeing this movie however I have decided to start using this wonderful technique. The colors are so superb and the animation is excellent (at a few points it could have been better though, like when he jumps from the cliff - You change the angle but he still is shot from the same). But the rest is so beautiful it just really doesn't matter.

I was taken by this movie. I was sucked into the mysterious world of Marcus. Yeah. Success, man!

The only thing I didn't like (not that it was bad or anything) was the music, a bit annoying - But then again I think you want you movies to have that kind of weird sound and atmosphere.

Keep it up, and make it even better so I start voting 0's just out of jealousy :)

No I would never do such a horrid thing. I know people who spend alot of time to make good movies want good reviews so I did my best here.

Loved you work!

Oh, that was jolly good!

I watched this movie and was really afraid that it would end in a blood bath. I'm so happy it didn't. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The grafics weren't excellent but were good enough. You captured the christmas spirit. Yeah.

I was the KING OF THE PORTAL in November 2001. I'm very proud! Check out my new series called 'Detective Frofrog'. Don't miss Ytown Public! And now.. NINE YEARS LATER, I have made a game: Princess Defender! Enjoy :)

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